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"BASHEER SMARANA"-at GMS Avaroth with the nostalgic memories of the legend VAIKAM MUHAMMED BASHEER an epitome of academically driven theatre activities by our students

The majestic characters created by " Basheer " with "Thenmaavu" & "Aadu " after a theatre performance

The "Basheer Charecters enjoying a light moment during the presentation of  "thenmavu" among the audience.

Welcome address and experiences with Basheer literature- Sri.James C.Joseph [TGT,Malayalam ]

Basheer Comemmorative Lecture by Sri.M.Musthafa [Headmaster]

Ianuguration session by Sri.M.A.Krishnan, [L.I.A,Dept of Arts & Culture ]Mahe.

felicitations by our PTA president Sri.K.V.Hareendran

A brief Description on the short films shown to the students related to Basheer Smarana Programme- "Basheer the Man [Documentary],Immini Balyoral [Short film by Sri.Manoj Kumar] by Shyjith T.P

"Book Exhibition on Basheer Literature"- Grand inauguration by Sri.M.A.Krishnan [Library information Asst.,Dept.Of Arts & Culture,Mahe]
Boo k Exhibition on and by VAIKAM MUHAMMED BASHEER organised in association with Dept.of Arts and culture ,Mahe at the school on 5th July 2013